“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

I found that quote to be quite appropriate, Shake Shack does have the ability to ‘shake’ the world.  Last Wednesday (April 7th for those so curious) I went to Shake Shack in Madison Square Park with Julie, a fellow redheaded friend of mine. We had discussed previously that my fellow foodie has never experienced the Shack of the Shakes, decision was made, we must go.

We waited in line for maybe 20-30 minutes but in the beautiful weather and the various choices of shakes to decide over (along with the company of a good friend) made for a quick line experience. Shake Shack offers two lines: “A line”–to the right– for those getting what pretty much everyone decides to order at Shake Shack, Shakes, Burgers, Ice Cream, Fries. “B Line” –to the left—is for those who want something less time consuming such as lemonade, iced tea (Arnold Palmer, also if you so choose), wine, beer ( yes, both, though you must stay in the designated seating area, I believe), etc. –note the difference in size.

Oddly enough, the two foodies were interviewed by representatives of The Cooking Channel (Food Networks new soon-to-be sister channel premiering on May 31st, hopefully to our faces http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/19/business/media/19adco.html ). We were asked why we went to Shake Shack, what we got, if we enjoyed it, etc. As well as being filmed awkwardly walking to the table, eating, drinking & talking.

Julie got the Shack Burger, aka your basic cheeseburger made to taste amazing. I had been a few times and wanted to try something new so I went with the Portobello Mushroom Burger, the “vegetarian” option, which I enjoyed immensely. Instead of meat, the burger is fried Portobello mushroom surrounded by cheese. I will admit, though tasty, I wouldn’t have minded the mushroom concoction with a little less cheese but that could be because I’m lactose-intolerant. I definitely recommend trying it for yourself, you honestly can’t go wrong with their choices.

Julie bought a Peanut Butter shake and I had a Strawberry shake (both our faves and tasted fantastic together). I’m biased toward the Strawberry, I honestly don’t see how the flavor could be done wrong, it was fantastic. I had a sip of Julie’s shake, a flavor that I’m usually not too keen on, and was pleasantly surprised. The overpowering of PB that I usually find in PB flavored objects wasn’t there, it was a smooth flavor with a splash of real PB at the end. It felt like I just took a spoonful out of the jar and got that strong taste as I swallowed. I have a month left as an NYU student and I have yet to try their “concretes” (a Shake Shack shake with “mix-ins”)..for another day. The burgers plus the shakes put each of us back about $13-$15 but Shake Shack isn’t just an eatery, it’s a NYC experience.

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