“I love being a redhead. It’s a rare thing, so I think there’s a bond between redheads.”

Laura Prepon

If you’ve met me or seen my picture, it’s pretty obvious that I’m a ginger. Say what you want about redheads but I wouldn’t want to be any other hair color. LeagueofRedheadsAside from the fact that people always want to feel my hair, I constantly get asked if it’s real or dyed, I can’t go anywhere without sunscreen and I have a bunch of freckles that luckily only come out when it’s really hot out, being a ginger is great. I’m 5’10″ so I tend to stand out in a room any way but I attribute it mostly to my long ginger locks and I like it that way.

You can imagine how excited I was when I received an email from the League of Extraordinary Redheads. They will be hosting their first bi-annual meeting in Troy next week, January 30th from 5:00PM-8:00PM at Bootleggers for those 21+. As founder Duncan Crary says in the email, “Carrot tops, orangies, strawberry blondes, auburn-types, distinguished white heads … all gingers are welcome in the League of Extraordinary Red Heads.” Not a redhead? No worries, you’re still welcome but not able to take part in the drink specials and nay have to sign away your life before we let you in on our strawberry secrets (I made that up, most likely not true but no promises).

The agenda? Pretty straight-forward:  1) Us. 2) Them, or in other words just another excuse to get a huge group of redheads together to talk about how awesome it is especially because there are so few of us. Don’t be surprised if you see more congregations of redheads as the year continues, Crary’s hope is to expand the league into chapters around the country and locally have semi-surprise meetings at various locations during the year. This is a party I’m NOT missing, will I see you there? If you can’t make it, don’t worry. I’ll post about it so you can see us all in our redheaded glory!

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About Jess Sims

I'm an alum of New York University 2010 with a degree in Spanish and Latin American Lang. and Cult. & a minor in Media, Cult. & Comm

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  1. I am glad I read about this. I cannot imagine passing by Bootleggers on the 30th and seeing a bar full of redheads and wondering how the hell Bootleggers got all the gorgeous women to come in all at once! On another note, it is so rare to find someone who loves their hair and wouldn’t want to change anything about it :) I wish I could say the same about myself! LOL!

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