Capital Region Foodies

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about a local blog and I apologize for that, I end up setting aside time to read them and then I get so engulfed I forget to write the blog post about it. I’m getting better with that, promise! On that note, if there are any local blogs you know of (or you write) that you’d like me to focus on for my Wednesday posts, feel free to send them my way via email

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a new favorite blog of mine, Capital Region Foodies. I, as I mention, do not consider myself a food blog. Yes, some of my blogs tend to be about local restaurants or local products but the reason I write about them is so you know of their existence, not so much to critique them. If  I didn’t like my order or how my food was cooked, I will tell you though so be forewarned. For that reason, I like to read how the food bloggers do it. What I love about Capital Region Foodies is that it’s kind of like the Capital Region’s version of Yelp without getting lost in all of the nonsense. Everything is monitored but if you would like to write a review, create an account and you, too, an submit reviews or events without the upkeep of having your own blog, though most posts are written by either Brian, Josie or Kent.

They also have their own “Best Of” section where each of the 3 bloggers mention their favorite in various categories and I love that sometimes they don’t agree. Some of their “Best Of” sections haven’t been filled out yet, I bet they wouldn’t mind a few suggestions :) My favorite part, though I may be biased, is their links section because they were so kind to add yours truly to the list. If you haven’t heard of this blog, give it a try. I love that there’s more than one strong food blog around here, it’s good to get a different opinion sometimes!